Problem Summary Page

The problem summary page can be used to give an overview of the problem and solutions obtained.

Problem Outline

First is the initial problem. Here you will see information about the function being fit and the set of initial parameters used for the fitting. If plots are enabled (see Make plots (make_plots)), you will also see a scatter plot of the data to fit with a line of the initial fit given to the minimizer.


The main plot on the page shows a comparison of all fits at once. This can be used to compare how cost functions perform for a problem accross all minimizers.

This uses colours to identify the cost function for each fit and shows all fits on a single graph. The best minimizer for each cost function is more pronounced on the plot.

This should not be used to identify the best individual fit, but can be a good indication of whether cost functions are biased to certain datapoints in the input.

Best Plots

The page ends with an expandable section for each cost function tested, which gives the parameter values and plot of the best fit obtained for that cost function.