Local Minimizer Table

class fitbenchmarking.results_processing.local_min_table.LocalMinTable(results, best_results, options, group_dir, pp_locations, table_name)

The local min results shows a True or False value together with \(\frac{|| J^T r||}{||r||}\). The True or False indicates whether the software finds a minimum with respect to the following criteria:

  • \(||r|| \leq\) RES_TOL,

  • \(|| J^T r|| \leq\) GRAD_TOL,

  • \(\frac{|| J^T r||}{||r||} \leq\) GRAD_TOL,

where \(J\) and \(r\) are the Jacobian and residual of \(f(x, p)\), respectively. The tolerances can be found in the results object.