fitbenchmarking.controllers.matlab_mixin module

Implements mixin class for the matlab fitting software controllers.

class fitbenchmarking.controllers.matlab_mixin.MatlabMixin(cost_func)

Bases: object

Mixin class for matlab fitting software controllers


Clear the matlab instance, ready for the next setup.


Get the named function from the matlab version of the cost function


func (str) – The name of the function to retrieve


Create an interface into the timer associated with the cost function. The timer will be created in the matlab engine as “timer” and must not be overridden, although this can be changed in this function if there’s a conflict.

This overrides the controller’s timer so that it can be controlled from other parts of the code.

class fitbenchmarking.controllers.matlab_mixin.MatlabTimerInterface(timer)

Bases: object

A timer to convert from matlab to the python timer.