fitbenchmarking.utils.log module

Utility functions to support logging for the fitbenchmarking project.


Get the unique logger for the given name. This is a straight pass through but will be more intutive for people who have not used python logging.


name (str, optional) – Name of the logger to use, defaults to ‘fitbenchmarking’


The named logger

Return type:


fitbenchmarking.utils.log.setup_logger(log_file='./fitbenchmarking.log', name='fitbenchmarking', append=False, level='INFO')

Define the location and style of the log file.

  • log_file (str, optional) – path to the log file, defaults to ‘./fitbenchmarking.log’

  • name (str, optional) – The name of the logger to run the setup for, defaults to fitbenchmarking

  • append (bool, optional) – Whether to append to the log or create a new one, defaults to False

  • level (str, optional) – The level of error to print, defaults to ‘INFO’