Known Issues

This page is used to detail any known issues or unexpected behaviour within the software.

Problem-Format/Software Combinations

When comparing minimizer options from one software package (e.g., comparing all scipy_ls minimizers), we are not aware of any issues. However, the general problem of comparing minimizers from multiple software packages, and with different problem-formats, on truely equal terms is harder to achieve.

The following list details all cases where we are aware of a possible bias:

  • Using native FitBenchmarking problems with the Mantid software and fitting using Mantid.

    With Mantid data, the function evaluation is slightly faster for Mantid minimizers than for all other minimizers. You should account for this when interpreting the results obtained in this case.

  • Using ties in native FitBenchmarking problems with the Mantid software.

    This is not available for non-Mantid fitting software. In these cases, a warning will be generated.

In all cases, the stopping criterion of each minimizer is set to the default value. An experienced user can change this.