Installing External Software

Fitbenchmarking will install all packages that are available through pip.

To enable Fitbenchmarking with the other supported software, they need to be installed and available on your machine. We give pointers outlining how to do this below, and you can find install scripts for Ubuntu 18.04 in the directory /build/<software>/


CUTEst is used to parse SIF files in FitBenchmarking, and is called via the PyCUTEst interface.

Currently this is only supported for Mac and Linux, and can be installed by following the instructions outlined on the pycutest documentation

Please note that the PYCUTEST_CACHE environment variable must be set, and it must be in the PYTHONPATH.


GSL is used as a fitting software in FitBenchmarking, and is called via the pyGSL interface.

Install instructions can be found at the pyGSL docs. This package is also installable via pip, provided GSL is available on your system; see our example build script in build/gsl.

Note: pyGSL may not be installable with the latest versions of pip. We have found that 20.0.2 works for our tests.


Mantid is used both as fitting software, and to parse data files.

Instructions on how to install Mantid for range of systems are available at


RALFit is availble to use as fitting software.

Instructions on how to build the python interface are at