Adding new Jacobians

This section describes how to add further methods to approximate the Jacobian within FitBenchmarking

In order to add a new Jacobian evaluation method, you will need to:

  1. Give the Jacobian a name using the following convention <jac_method> and <num_method>. An example could be scipy_fd for <jac_method> and 2point for <num_method> which would call the SciPy’s 2-point finite difference approximation.
  2. Create fitbenchmarking/jacobian/<jac_method>_<num_method>, which contains a new subclass of Jacobian. Then implement the method eval(), which evaluates the Jacobian. The numerical method is set sequentially within loop_over_jacobians() by using the method attribute of the class.
  3. Document the available Jacobians by:
  1. Create tests for the Jacobian evaluation in fitbenchmarking/jacobian/tests/