fitbenchmarking.results_processing.support_page module

Set up and build the support pages for various types of problems.

fitbenchmarking.results_processing.support_page.create(results_per_test, group_name, support_pages_dir, options)

Iterate through problem results and create a support html page for each.

  • results_per_test (list[list[list]]) – results object
  • group_name (str) – name of the problem group
  • support_pages_dir (str) – directory in which the results are saved
  • options (fitbenchmarking.utils.options.Options) – The options used in the fitting problem and plotting
fitbenchmarking.results_processing.support_page.create_prob_group(prob_results, group_name, support_pages_dir, options)

Creates a support page containing figures and other details about the fit for a problem. A link to the support page is stored in the results object.


Get the paths to the figures used in the support page.

Parameters:result (fitbenchmarking.utils.fitbm_result.FittingProblem) – The result to get the figures for
Returns:the paths to the required figures
Return type:tuple(str, str)