fitbenchmarking.results_processing.compare_table module

compare table

class fitbenchmarking.results_processing.compare_table.CompareTable(results, best_results, options, group_dir, pp_locations, table_name)

Bases: fitbenchmarking.results_processing.base_table.Table

The combined results show the accuracy in the first line of the cell and the runtime on the second line of the cell.

colour_highlight(value, colour)

Enable HTML colours in the HTML output.

  • value (pandas.core.series.Series) – Row data from the pandas array
  • colour (dict) – dictionary containing error codes from the minimizers

list of HTML colours

Return type:



Function that combines the accuracy and runtime results into the string representation.

Parameters:results (tuple) – tuple containing absolute and relative values
Returns:dictionary containing the string representation of the values in the table.
Return type:dict

Gets the main values to be reported in the tables

Parameters:results_dict (dictionary) – dictionary containing results where the keys are the problem sets and the values are lists of results objects
Returns:First dictionary containing the absolute chi_sq and runtime results and the second contains the normalised chi_sq and runtime results with respect to the smallest values.
Return type:tuple(dict, dict)