fitbenchmarking.parsing.nist_data_functions module

Functions that prepare the function specified in NIST problem definition file into the right format for SciPy.


Formats the function string such that it is scipy-ready.

Parameters:function (str) – The function to be formatted
Returns:The formatted function
Return type:str

Verifies that a string is safe to be passed to exec in the context of an equation.

Parameters:func_str (string) – The function to be checked
Returns:Whether the string is of the expected format for an equation
Return type:bool
fitbenchmarking.parsing.nist_data_functions.nist_func_definition(function, param_names)

Processing a function plus different set of starting values as specified in the NIST problem definition file into a callable

  • function (str) – function string as defined in a NIST problem definition file
  • param_names (list) – names of the parameters in the function

callable function

Return type: