FitBenchmarking tutorial videos

On this page you will find some short tutorial videos on how to use FitBenchmarking.

Interpreting FitBenchmarking results

The following video explains how to interpret FitBenchmarking results.

Running FitBenchmarking

The following video explains how to run FitBenchmarking.

Code demonstrated in this video:

python -m pip install fitbenchmarking[bumps,DFO,gradient_free,minuit,SAS,numdifftools]
fitbenchmarking -p examples/benchmark_problems/NIST/low_difficulty
fitbenchmarking -o examples/options_template.ini
fitbenchmarking -r new_results/
fitbenchmarking -t acc runtime
fitbenchmarking -t acc -l WARNING

Choosing your options

The following video explains how to choose the best cost function / software / minimizer / Jacobian / Hessian for your data.